Why Transart?

Among the needs specific for the meat industry that may be covered with the applications that form the integrated Transart system we will remind the following:

  • automated estimation of the necessity to be supplied, based on the orders and existing stocks;
  • production registration in real time;
  • control of stocks for raw materials and finished products;
  • launch in production based on orders, use of cutting and manufacture formulas;
  • calculation of the growth / cutting / disjoint / manufacture performance;
  • automatic assignment of acceptance on the flows of productions/transfer/delivery;
  • use of equivalent measurement units and packaging units
  • follow-up and control of negotiated prices, batches, expiry dates, certificates of conformity;
  • process automations: taking orders, invoicing, weighing;
  • providing traceability on the supply-production-delivery flow;
  • shortening of the delivery time of the products to the final customer;
  • EDI integration with Key Accounts, special forms for KeyAccounts
  • efficient instrument for the execution monitoring on the market, both on Traditional Trade and on Modern Trade;
  • WMS component with specific optimizations: entrance guidance, management of deduction on delivery, integration of on-line scales.

Who use?

  • Clients

    Industria carnii, lactate, panificatie - clienti Transart ERP SFA

  • Elit Cugir

    Carmen Trif, Deputy General Director Elit Cugir.

    Hermes Evolution is a strong and important tool which support us in achieving our goals and carrying out our everyday activities. For Elit Cugir Hermes implementation meant an important step in developing the distribution division. Ideologically, we are talking about a new page written in the company’s history; basically it meant a radical change in the workflow, distribution policy … and even of company’s image… The most important gain is production’s efficiency in real time according to the received orders during the day through speed of information’s transmission in the field. Some products have a very short production cycle and is important to know exactly the assortments and quantities we need to produce every day according to market’s real necessities. Before HERMES implementation, when we didn’t have in real time the consolidate information about registered orders in the field, it often happened to produce less amount of a product which would have sold better.”

  • Scandia Food

    Rares Popescu – Strategic Planning & IT Director, Scandia Food

    We have chosen Transart as a partner thanks to its experience and expertise in FMCG field, with numerous successful implementations. The relationship with Transart has proven to be very good and flexible, Transart employees being extremely considerate, responding very quickly to our requests.…

    At the beginning of the project, we had a few meetings where we have lined-up our strengths – the Trade Marketing, IT and Sales departments of Scandia Food were involved in the project and Transart had all the support to implement the system. All the settings planned by Transart were facilitated by the assigned Project Manager and Team Leader and took place under the best conditions.
    Thanks to the implementation of HERMES Evolution, now we obtain objective market data, regarding all the 4P of marketing, at a POP level, county, region and whole country, accessible data to all relevant functions in a single click. This information, assumed and centralized from all over the country in real time allows us to make decisions more rapidly.”

  • AgroInvest

    Oana MARE, Commercial Director Agro Invest Prod/ Combis.

    First of all I liked the stocks management solution, as it is provided by the Transart ERP. The fact that we know precisely what material stocks we have at any given time, allows us to perform various kind of analysis, anytime. If I had to summarize, the most important benefits obtained, were: real-time access to any information that we need, thus reducing the time for solving problems.  During the implementation process, we’ve appreciated Transart’s response promptness. There were quite a lot of particular features to be solved and aspects that required a customized approach. It was not an easy implementation. It was hard work that required a lot of important effort both from us and from Transart. They have assimilated and processed a lot of information and did a lot of hard work for us … in short, we felt that we were an important client for them!” 

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Transart’s vision

  • We start with a  soldid base, we make things throughly, we check one more time and we pay atention to details.
  • For us stability  is important : Transart stability, our clients bussines stability, stabilitatea produselor pe care le livram.
  • Facem lucrurile ca pentru noi: trainic,temeinic, alegand cele mai potrivite tehnologii, platforme si echipamente.
  • Suntem deschisi la imbunatatiri, dar conservatori cand vine vorba de afectarea performantei si stabilitatii produselor noastre.
  • Livram solutii adaptabile la nevoile clientului, solutii ce sunt puse in valoare prin spiritul ThinkClient!

    al echipelor de analiza, dezvoltare, testare, implementare si suport.

  • Lucram in echipa si crestem impreuna cu clientii nostri.