Integrated ERP system for control, stability and accuracy in business

B-Org ERP is the secure foundation for the successful digitization of hundreds of important businesses in Romania

ERP software implemented in several verticals

With the help of the ERP System developed by Transart in the last 25 years, you enjoy advanced automation and functionality regardless of the industry you belong to



Beauty cosmetics

Medical equipment

HORECA equipment


Auto parts


Building Materials

Installation materials

Tools & DYI

Bread / Wine

Food Additives

Dairy products



Food and Beverage

Beer, Wine, Spirits

IT - Appliances


Industrial equipment

Textile industry


Other industries

Some of the companies that successfully use Transart's integrated ERP system

Amigo & Intercost ERP Payroll
M.Tabac ERP
Adimag construction materials payroll
Pro soft erp wms payroll
Farel ERP
Coral Impex erp
European payroll
eternal beauty erp payroll
erp maravaet salary
erp salary geraico
star lubricants erp cluj salariazare
hendi erp wms payroll
Seda Invest CRM sales
Dynamic Selling group erp payroll
Archimina ERP
PC Coolers ERP
Techno Pro ERP
Gebo Tools ERP
Magdolna ERP
Raitar ERP
Bronto erp wms
dem electronics erp wms

Testimonial VIDEO

ERP + SFA Transart system

Zsolt TANKA – CEO, Eternal Beauty

“After many analyzes, we chose Transart B-Org ERP and the HERMES solution. It was a very good choice. During this period, the company grew a lot. Indeed, the people you work with are very important, not just the technical solution. We have extraordinary support from Transart. Whenever we have a problem, it is solved very quickly.”

The B-Org ERP application is adaptable for any specifics of your business

Pre-Sales and
Van-Sales Distribution

Companies with multiple
Shops and Subsidiaries


Physical store


Online shop

Marketplace sites


Inventory management
holding structure


Uses a modular ERP system
ready to help you grow your business

Add any module you need, whenever you need it


Fixed assets






Payment collections



Cost centers

Connectors / EDI

Easily synchronize your B-Org ERP system with any
any other business digitization software solution

We have developed an entire ecosystem of applications that integrates natively with the ERP program to help you with solutions as your business grows

WMS for warehouse

Business Intelligence

Sales Force Automation

B2C online stores

B2B platforms




Retail POS


Testimonial VIDEO

Transart ERP system

Levente Kapolnai, IT Manager, Wooden Technic Prodimpex
“Wooden Technic Prodimpex relies more than 99% on Transart programs”

Mihai Sălăjean – Administrator, Knox Group
“I am glad we had the idea from the beginning to work with a company that is strong today.”

B-Org ERP = the system that helps you
to know EVERYTHING about your product stocks

You have found the solution for accuracy in inventory management from several different work points or managements

Manage stocks, returns and packaging like a pro no matter what kind of distribution you do

What do customers say about B-Org ERP?

You simply scan the product barcodes, and their counting is done automatically. And if you do not have time or do not want to make a total inventory, then you can choose to make partial inventories on different areas of the store or warehouse.

Magazin online - e-Shop ContentSpeed - ERP transart




Check orders


Quick inventory

Warehouse map

Product weighing

Out of stock signaling

Loss-reduction management

Showroom sales

Check stocks

Check prices

Barcode scanning

Label printing

Barcode printing

Expiry products

Products with batch series

Serial number products

Alternative units of measurement

Transfers between locations

Transfers between inventories

Returns and cancellations


Testimonial VIDEO

Transart ERP system

Costin Manoliu, Administrator – Incremental Timișoara Office

“We use B-Org and Hermes and throughout the period we have always felt the support that the Transart team can offer … We are absolutely safe and without any emotions that something might not be resolved when we request . “

Sales Force Automation synchronized with the ERP system

If you deal with Pre-Sales or Van-Sales distribution, the integration of B-ORG ERP with HERMES SFA brings you a complete set of high-performance features to increase sales such as:

Creative promotions to increase the average order per customer

Flexible discounts for customer loyalty

Register orders offline so you don't lose any orders

Flexible management of exceptional sales conditions

Order synchronization with your ERP

Stocks, prices, discounts, trade policies, all updated in real time on the agents tablet

Catalogs to support the current promotional action

Interactive field presentations

ERP system integrated with Sales Force Automation

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell techniques to increase sales

Order suggestions based on customer history

Quantitative, value and customer targets for agents

Graphic or tabular reports with agent targets

Top sales motivating agencies

Unitary trade policies on brands, products, product categories, customers

Easily accessible professional images for all products

Presentation videos of new products

Use an ERP system integrated with the online store and Marketplaces for stocks and prices that are always up to date

Following the orders placed by customers, the products are automatically reserved from the inventory, and the stocks are updated in real time on the site.

If you receive a lot of orders, you will definitely like this. You can list in bulk the invoices and notices that need to be sent to customers. And you automatically prepare the AWBs to the courier, and take the amounts from multiple refunds automatically, without any effort, based on the file sent by the courier.

Expand your online presence. Sell in multiple places, nationally and internationally with the help of Marketplaces

B-Org ERP is integrated with the HERMES B2B sales platform

Everything becomes Easy and Intuitive when you offer B2B customers a shopping experience as simple as in B2C stores

Transart B2B platform
Help your customers quickly find and order the products they need
through  simple ways  to look for products in  e-Commerce B2B portal :
  • By product code
  • BY first word in the product name
  • By reading the barcode
  • After discounts
  • By simple or complex promotions
  • With advanced filters

You have documents ready for anything related
to sales and invoicing

Use professional-looking custom invoices

Choose from 20 predefined invoice templates

Your company's brand deserves a personalized invoice by:

And if you want, you can customize any other document such as notices or receipts.

Easily issue tax receipts through
cash registers integrated with the ERP

When you use EDI in your business relationship with IKA retailers, good things start to happen. On the one hand, you significantly reduce the number of people who process your orders, and on the other hand, you increase your sales volume and get rid of order errors.

The Transart ERP system works with the most used EDI platforms in Romania so that you can collaborate more easily with the big retailers

EDI platforms integrated with Transart ERP: Expert Suplier, Edinet, Comarch, Tecnet, edinet by Infinite

How do Transart customers use Electronic Data Interchange?

Increases the efficiency of the sales process using CRM software synchronized with the ERP system.

Forget about phones, emails and other manual processing for entering orders in ERP. HERMES CRM is directly integrated with the ERP system, so the data in the offers is automatically transferred between the CRM and ERP systems, and the errors in the orders disappear completely (or at least are reduced to a minimum).

With B-Org ERP you get instant access to lots of useful reports that help you make better business decisions every day

Centralized or detailed sales reports

Quantitative or value sales tops

Product or invoice discount reports

Sales by agents

Notice summary and other documents

Sales by suppliers

Customer records

Invoice summary

Inventory reports at a specific date or time to automatically calculate the optimal inventory

Management stock reports

Uncollected invoice reports on due dates

Cancellation invoice reports

Instantly get easy-to-understand interactive reports based on ERP data

Reports are important to you. And we know you want to get them right away. That’s why we integrated the B-Org ERP system with our Business Intelligence solution.

See what our clients have to say and how the Bi Adviser reports look like.


Generate accurate notes, statements and financial-accounting reports using the accounting module integrated in ERP

Transart ERP - D406 SAF-T

B-Org ERP automatically calculates everything you need for PAYROLL, when you need it

Rest assured that legislative updates are included in the ERP payroll module as soon as possible

  • Calculul salariilor este în permanență adaptat celor mai noi norme din Codul Fiscal, Codul Muncii, OUG-uri sau Ordine ale Președintelui ANAF.

  • Funcțiile sunt definite în aplicația de salarizare conform Clasificării Ocupațiilor din România (COR).

  • Actualizarea procentelor contribuțiilor sociale si impozitelor se realizează automat.

How do Transart ERP clients use automatic notifications?

Save time and money by enabling automatic notifications to be sent directly from the ERP system

Automatic notifications help you get rid of a large amount of time and energy-consuming routine activities such as giving phone calls and sending emails to customers. This means that you and your team will gain time to focus on more important activities.

14 Creative Ways You Can Use Notifications to Save Time by automatically sending information that contains:


Electronic invoices


Balance information sent internally to sales representatives


Due invoices


Stock liquidation messages that work like promotional campaigns


Deadline invoices


Employee pay slips


Notifications of overdue invoice payments


Thank you messages after receiving the money


Amounts collected in advance


Customer notifications for warranty pick-up


Balance confirmations at the end of the year


Reports on the situation of uncollected invoices


Inventory and price reports for sales agents or partners


Notifications of notices issued

Testimonials from ERP clients, other industries

Request a free, personalized presentation
of the TRANSART ERP solution

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