Retail Execution Software for Maximizing Sales

HERMES Retail Execution & In-Store Merchandising helps you with everything you need to win the fight on the shelf with your competitors so that you meet your sales goals

HERMES Retail Execution is the preferred solution
by Trade-Marketing Managers in industries such as

HERMES Retail Execution is the preferred solution of Trade-Marketing Managers in industries such as


Beer, Wine, Spirits

Food and Beverage


Veterinary products

SFA software - sales agents - hermes

Pharmaceutical products

Building Materials

Auto parts

Audit and / or Retail execution services provided by BTL agencies

Tools, implements and fixtures

Now with ... AI Shelf IMAGE RECOGNITION module

Companies from Romania and 19 other countries enjoy superior shelf execution with the help of the HERMES Retail Execution solution

Strauss Group

Always be one step ahead of the competition with the help of Trade-Marketing

HERMES Retail Execution integrates best sales and shelf execution practices. The application follows proven principles such as Perfect Store, Winning POC Execution or Sales Fundamentals.

In addition, it helps you collect all the data you need about the market, competition and customers with the help of 100% configurable questionnaires and the HERMES Photo module. Which means you always have up-to-date information about:

  • Shelf presence

  • Shelf positioning

  • Promotions

  • Competition

  • Planograms

  • Prices

Collect relevant In-Store Execution data from all places where Merchandising is important to you





Convenience stores

HoReCa locations

HoReCa events



Professional asset management so you always know what's going on with your exhibitors

When you have valuable exhibitors such as refrigerators or espresso machines, which are present in several locations, you need to know exactly where each of them is located. This way you make sure that you have enough exhibitors placed in the locations that bring you sales and that you can track exactly their every move.

Useful reports for any Trade-Marketing Manager.
You have access to> 50 KPIs specific to In-Store Execution, Merchandising or Sales Performance activities

Share of display



Product listings
shelf agreements

Display quality

Forward stock

Shelf number

Display height

Promo pricing

Gain vs lost product presence

Availability level

Display area

New product launch

Price survey

Share of shelf

Max length of display

Promotional campaigns


Out of stock

Length of display

And if you want more, the Cortex Demand Signal Management system is perfect for you

Here you integrate the data of Retail Execution, Sell-In, Sell-Out or from any other data sources you want. And then you enjoy a unique reporting system in Romania.

This way you will get to feel the daily pulse and demand in the market, but also to evaluate more easily the impact of promotional campaigns on your sales.


You always know what the merchandise in the field is doing, whether you work from home or from the office

You monitor the field agents that deal with merchandising with the help of GPS

You collect market data using Trade-Marketing questionnaires

You have a photo site to see the execution on the store shelf

You can audit your agents using the Supervisor Module

Multiplatform solution that works both online and offline

Make sure through questionnaires and photos that the shelf execution and promotions are implemented flawlessly

Shelf execution is the last thing that can influence the consumer before buying. So you need to make sure it’s done right to maximize your sales.


With HERMES you always know what shelf execution looks like in stores or pharmacies where your products are present. With the help of the photo site you can always check the questionnaires and photos taken by field agents so you can see at any time how correctly the promotions and secondary placements were implemented.

And through the site, people at headquarters and in the field can easily communicate through real-time messages.


Cash registers

End of shelf


small pallets



Niche promo

Slim gondola

Promo element


Floor display




Customer equipment



Refrigerated display case

Wooden shelf

End of shelf

The island

Complete cell



Promote your products like a true professional

HERMES helps you promote products with video, photo, .pdf, PowerPoint files directly from your tablet during customer visits. This means that your field team always has a powerful tool at hand to boost sales.

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