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Job openings posting

In our ad, you will find all the information about the main criteria that will be the basis for choosing the right person for the job described. If you can identify common points with what we specify in the ad in your experience/education/interests/passions, please, send us your CV.

We receive resumes

As you probably already know, you need to submit different resumes for different positions, emphasizing and highlighting those aspects that best meet the criteria in our ad. The greater the similarity between your competencies and our requirements, the better your chances of participating in an interview.

We do a CV Screening

In choosing the resumes for a preliminary interview, the recruiter uses the criteria defined and communicated in the ad as a scanning grid. If your resume is good, your name will be on the list of those who will participate in the preliminary interviews.

We will have a Preliminary Interview

The representative of the HR department and the team leader that will coordinate your activity will attend your preliminary interviews. The approximate duration of the interview is 1 hour. The questions will focus on your previous work experience, your personality fit into our organisational culture, and other things about your professional knowledge. It is also the time for you to find out more about the company, the job, etc. Don’t be shy about asking questions. It is good to have as much information as possible about a job before you get employed.

At the end of the interview, you will receive feedback on your interview performance and recommendations for other future interview situations. In the preliminary interview, we analyze your skills match compared to the profile described for the job selection. After we interview the last candidate, we will choose those that will advance to the next steps of the recruitment process. You will receive the answer regarding the advancement to a later stage in a period between a week and a month (depending on the expected number of the preliminary interview, position complexity, etc.).

For some positions we can use different methods of evaluating candidates through tests, role-playing games, case studies, tests involving teamwork, etc.

All those who participated in the preliminary interviews or were evaluated through different tests will receive an answer, at least by e-mail, regarding their transition to a later stage, regardless of whether the answer is positive or negative.

We will do an additional Knowledge Test (if applicable)

For some positions, an additional knowledge test is required. For some job openings, the verification performed during the interview is sufficient. If you can convince us in the preliminary interview, we will decide together what would be the right time to carry out an additional test if it is the case.

All participants in the additional tests will receive feedback on their test performance and will be notified at the same time whether or not they are on the final candidate list for the position.

We will also have the final interview

In this interview, you will discuss with someone from the top management of the company/ branch manager and the representative of the human resources department. At this moment you are presented with the job offer of the company. Afterwards, together with you, we will set a date by which you will have to respond to the job offer made.

Your first day of work

After you pass the final interview, the HR representative will support you through the entire employment procedure. This involves preparing a file with documents necessary for employment and conducting medical examinations to prove that you are medically fit for work. Finally, you will receive, analyze and sign the individual employment contract.

From this moment on, we consider you our colleague and we wish you a warm “Welcome!”. You will start your first day of hard and relentless work on a coffee or tea with the one who will be your team leader and your first mentor in the company.

There will also be a Job Trial Period

It lasts up to 3 months and it is our opportunity to check our choice, as well as your opportunity to appreciate if the decision to hire us is ok for you or not. Only at the end of this period, concluded by a final evaluation of the trial period, will we know more about each other, enough to decide our future together.

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