EDI B2B - Electronic Data Interchange

Eliminate errors, increase business speed and efficiency.

The best B2B EDI platforms in Romania are integrated with Transart ERP: Expert Supplier, Comarch, TecNet or DocXchange .

Key relationship optimizations Supplier - Retailer (IKA)

Reduce operational costs of a transaction by at least 35%

Improves data quality by up to 40%

Increase the speed with which the order-collection cycle takes place by at least 20%

Accelerate B2B information and business flows by up to 61%

Source: Ken Vollmer. Forrester, “The Future of EDI.”

B2B EDI - Advantages

The benefits of implementing B2B EDI

Cost savings

EDI minimizes the costs associated with paper, printing, storing, archiving, shipping and retrieving documents resulting from business relationships between business partners.

Improves the quality of relationships with business partners

By using EDI, you significantly shorten the processing and order fulfilment times, which helps you maintain a good relationship with any business partners.

Avoid out-of-stock situations

The fact that data exchange takes place automatically between suppliers and stores shortens supply times and optimizes the turnover rate of stocks and storage costs.

Develop market competitiveness and efficiency

EDI is a common language for businesses everywhere so you can collaborate with partners anywhere in the world. Manufacturers and large retailers use EDI in relation to their partners.

Eliminate errors from your orders

Gone are the problems with incorrect orders taken over the phone, hard-to-understand handwritten documents, typos, emails, documents, and faxes that don’t arrive on time.

Team productivity optimization

Automation helps employees to do more in less time and helps them focus on the things that bring more value.

Speed and accuracy in processing orders

Prompt and accurate document processing considerable reduces the percentage of cancelled orders. By using EDI, you significantly shorten the processing and fulfilment times of your orders.

Environmentally friendly

EDI helps companies show that they are interested in sustainability and environmental responsibility by replacing paper documents with digital alternatives.

Positive impact on cash flow

EDI reduces the order-collection cycle by automating the sending of data directly between the ERP management systems of the customer and the supplier without any other human intervention.

Transparency. Accessibility. Traceability

The interconnection of EDI with the ERP system ensures accuracy in taking over and monitoring orders, but also in managing all the documents related to an order, all in real-time.

Adaptable to any company's needs

EDI technology can be customized to meet your automatic data and document transfer needs between the company you represent and your business partners.

Ensures data security

The electronic transfer of documents and data is secured, and users can access it by entering their password and username.

EDI interconnection using Transart ERP system

EDI platforms with which it integrates Transart ERP:
Expert Supplier, DocXchange, Tecnet

Customers using Transart ERP and B2B EDI for automating the business relationship (orders, invoices) with large retailers (IKA)

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