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Why work harder when you can work less, in a more organized, smarter, and faster way?

PS: Integrated with ERP! Your colleagues and customers will thank you.

CRM for Growth and Monitoring Sales Teams

In the CRM Sales module you can easily check the submitted offers, the activity of the sales team and the existing opportunities. The data is at your fingertips at any time, from any device, whether you’re at the office, in the field or on vacation.

You always know when something changes in the status of leads, prospects or customers with the notifications displayed in the CRM application.

You can quickly and easily find answers to questions such as: “What sales are closing this month?”, “What opportunities am I about to lose?” or “Who takes care of a client or a certain activity? ” This information helps you to constantly improve your sales process and keep in mind that no team member misses major or delayed opportunities.

You can easily get all the information you need when you need it. You always know who took care of the tasks. And you have all the customer history just a filter away.

In the application you have access to all the information about your customers and your business. If you are a Supervisor you will instantly discover everything you need to know about the activity of the Account Managers that you lead.

A sales-focused CRM helps you easily resolve the situation where sales representatives from multiple divisions interact with the same customer. You can easily synchronize their visits, offers, or tasks to streamline all sales divisions.

You classify the customers in the CRM system according to the stage you are in with the negotiation, and then you use the sales opportunities in any stage (Lead, Prospect, Customer) of the relationship with the customer.

Excel disappears and Accuracy and Predictability in Sales and Forecasting appear because CRM helps you enjoy:

  • Real-time updated sales figures.
  • Same data set for everyone.
  • The same report that looks the same and contains the same numbers whether the General Manager, the Sales Director or the Sales Agent is looking at it.

Now the reports make sense for everyone. And you speak the same language with agents when you talk about their reports and sales targets.

CRM module Sales with automated processes

You use it the way you want. You decide what information each team member sees in the CRM software. You set or create new required fields for the sales team. But most of all, you enjoy the flexibility that an easy-to-customize CRM offers you to turn it into a tool that is as useful as possible for your business.

Say “Goodbye!” very high acquisition costs for software licenses. Say “Welcome!” a first-time CRM application:

  • Without bothering to install anything on any of your devices.
  • Without having to spend money on a server.
  • Without having to worry about updating the application to the latest version.

Overcome the limits of a CRM software not integrated with ERP. Use a Cloud CRM platform that helps your team of agents collaborate and sell from anywhere, anytime.

Created using the latest design standards, HERMES CRM is a super easy-to-use tool for any of your sales agents. Even new employees will quickly get used to it and start to become productive right from their first week of work.

Whether you’re at the headquarters or in the field, with Transart’s CRM system you quickly create an offer, ready to be sent by e-mail. Just tap-tap on your smartphone / tablet or use the mouse if you’re at the office and you are READY. In a few minutes, the customer has already received your new offer.

Create tasks and share them with colleagues. Just give a few taps / clicks and you’ve already shared the tasks with the team. This ensures that the deadline for submitting an offer or making a phone call is met.

HERMES CRM notifies you when you scheduled an activity (such as calling a customer), whether you’re at the office or in the field. And if you have routine activities that are repeated monthly, you record them only once in the calendar and you will receive reminders for them as programmed.

Customer-centric CRM software

Save good working hours every week with useful automation for your entire sales team. You can use the time saved to improve your customer relationship, introduce new products, or sell more.

When you have all the customer data in one place, magical things start to happen.

This way you will easily start managing contacts, customers, suppliers, activities, offers, orders, leads and other sales opportunities. Moreover, find out which companies have a certain contact with different connections and understand the business relationships between the companies in your portfolio.

Sometimes new customers appear, other times new colleagues who have to visit customers appear HERMES helps field salespeople find out the exact location of customers directly from the CRM application to make it much easier for them to reach their destination.

Synchronize CRM with ERP. Streamlines business processes

Forget phones, emails and other manual processing for placing orders in ERP. HERMES CRM is directly integrated with the ERP system, so the data in the offers is automatically transferred between the CRM and ERP systems, and the errors in the orders disappear completely (or at least are reduced to a minimum).

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