Designed to grow your business

Discover the COMPLETE solution
which helps any distribution company
to increase sales

Discover the COMPLETE solution that helps any distribution company to increase its sales

Stop wasting your TIME and MONEY.
Start selling more in an efficient manner.

Over 8000 agents use this solution every day to boost their sales.

SFA software - Sales agent - Sales force automation

Why use a SFA application for automating your sales force activities?

Businesses that do not automate operational internal processes lose up to 71% of their time and resources to plan and define different operations, show studies. Which is HUGE.

It is not enough for a distribution company to have software that is used by the sales agents to take orders because that is not much better than an agenda and a pen.

Remember this:

Software for taking orders ≠ Solution to increase sales

Now ask yourself how much time do your field sales agents waste with a lot of repetitive operations that reduce their productivity, instead of actually focusing on MAXIMIZING SALES FOR EACH CUSTOMER?

And time passes. And you see, the end of the month is coming. And you start to draw the line again and see that the target is not where it should be. And again, this would mean that you have to sell more next month to balance your income and cashflow. And this loop repeats itself over and over again, maybe even month after month.

And no, it’s not your fault, your salesperson’s or your customers’ fault that your sales target was not met. You simply don’t use the right tool to help you increase your sales. But, you know, the tools can be replaced.

Video Testimonial - Software for Sales Agents
synchronized with the inventory management program

Discover How Using
Hermes SFA system, you may:

With HERMES SFA you get the ability to
increase daily sales regardless
of the industry in which you operate


















HERMES is the mobile sales and merchandising solution developed specifically to increase the productivity of field agents. It is available on the main mobile platforms:


HERMES is the mobile sales and merchandising solution developed specifically to increase the productivity of field agents. It is available on the main mobile platforms:


HERMES. You use it the way you want.

Choose what’s best for you:


Monthly subscription

Purchase licenses

HERMES modules

The application works on smartphones and tablets and can be perfectly adapted to the needs of any company with the help of configurable modules and the extensive set of advanced features for Pre-Sales, Van-Sales, Tele-Sales and Retail Execution (Merchandising) activities.





Retail Execution


Photo &

& Analytics




Back Office

HERMES helps you to

Discover new ways to
Improve your sales target by:

Integration of best sales practices used internationally by the most important distribution companies

Instant access to a multitude of reports and performance indicators that are vital to increasing your sales

Communication and transfer of information in real-time with the entire sales team

Some of the customers that successfully use HERMES SFA every day

eternal beauty erp payroll
Medident Exim
ERP Magdolna Impex
Seda Invest CRM sales

Join over 230 happy customers
and enjoy the benefits of using HERMES SFA

It's your choice, but here are some reasons why it's best for you to become a partner:

Our automation frees you from routine, non-money-making activities so you can pay more attention to customers during your visit.

With HERMES, activities such as: applying discounts and promotions, issuing invoicing and collection documents, delivery notes (Van-Sales), launching new order proposals, etc. it is done instantly.

Moreover, our solution helps your agents to sell more or even gain time for another extra visit per day. Which may mean more extra sales.

You now have a professional solution for monitoring your field sales team. Everything you need to know about their daily activities can be found in one place, without forcing them to report to you.

With HERMES you get reports on the activity, performance and target status of all Pre-Sales or Van-Sales agents anytime you want.

With a single click, instantly send information to your entire sales team about new promotions, special customer price lists, focus products, stock clearances and more.

And if you want, you can even visually indicate to the agents the products they need to focus on for sale, in case of promotion or liquidation of stock.

HERMES is a collection of good distribution practices and sales growth methods validated by the market and carefully selected over the last 20 years. I acquired the know-how by working with some of the most profitable distribution companies at national and international level.

Imagine the results you would get if you use a full set of high-performance features to increase sales, such as:

SFA androd Sales Force Automation

VIDEO testimonial

HERMES SFA for distributors

Ion Lungu, Analysis and Control Manager – Miruna International Impex

“After completing the geocoding process, each store had its own coordinates. The supervisor had the possibility to follow the route on the route of the subordinate agent in a Backoffice on the map, and the agent was forced to go to the stores to take the order. Thus, the control was strengthened. on the subordinates, but at the same time the relationship with the client was enriched, the agent being obliged to visit him according to the daily route. “

Faster for the customer means better for you. You receive orders from the field directly in your ERP system so you can quickly begin preparations for their delivery.

HERMES makes you forget about errors in orders (or at least significantly reduce them). In addition, it helps you get rid of paperwork, order e-mails, telephone take-over of field orders and / or manual processing of order data..

Sometimes exceptions become the norm. In most cases, the exceptions do not bring real long-term benefits, otherwise they would have been called rules. But agents love exceptions because they help them sell and meet their target.

Through the Derogations module, agents can ask for your consent to sell in exceptional conditions, directly from the application, even during the visit to the customer.

And you now have all the customer and agent data available so you can make the most profitable decision for your company.

Nobody wants to have unsold products in storage, especially if they are perishable. With HERMES SFA you save money, time and storage space by optimizing your stocks based on your order history. This way you are always sure that you have in stock the products with the highest turnover and the best profitability.

It’s just as true that no one likes to lose. Not at all. That’s why you need to control your balances and optimize your company’s cash flow with the HERMES Credit Controller to avoid significant losses due to bad paying customers.

What would be a great product,
without quality services?

When you work with us you can rest assured. We are here for you when you need our support. Consultants with extensive experience in multiple industries help you meet your business objectives.

12 months access to all HERMES SFA application updates

94% of customers are satisfied with the support services offered

Solution that complies with the quality standards of ISO 9001: 2015 certification

But don’t listen to us, see …

What customers say about HERMES SFA

And one more thing about us ...

# 1 HERMES is the Leader in Romania and Europe on SFA

20+ years of experience in Sales Force Automation

20 Countries where HERMES has been implemented

230+ Active customers

VIDEO testimonial

SFA + ERP Transart software

Lucian Ciochina, IT Manager – Archimina

“Over time, it’s normal to use B-Org to store and process management data, and Hermes to order orders from agents online. without an instrument like HERMES. “

More than just software for Sales Representatives

If you have not yet decided that you want to increase your sales, there is no problem. We understand you, it’s perfectly normal to have some more doubts. We are here to offer you business help and answers to your questions.

And we do that right now.

HERMES SFA appeared almost 20 years ago and was the first sales application dedicated to field agents in the country. Currently, HERMES is the number 1 solution in Romania for the distribution businesses because it has been constantly updated and upgraded with the best practices of distribution, sales and merchandising used internationally.

The answer to that question is, “It depends.” We say this because our solution is a quality business tool, but its impact depends on how people use it. If used properly to increase the performance of the sales team it will pay off quickly, if not used at full capacity it will probably take longer to pay off completely. According to some of our clients, the investment pays off in a few months or in a period of 1-2 years, but it depends on the case and from business to business, because it can take even longer.

Yes, they can be customized. Even if thermal printers print only in black and white, they can be added, for example, to documents such as receipts or invoices, your company’s stamp and logo.

HERMES compatible thermal printers print invoices, stock and delivery notices, receipts or receipts.

HERMES transmits data for printing to mobile printers using Bluetooth technology.

Mobile printers that integrate with HERMES are manufactured by: Zebra, Bixolon, Datecs, Epson, HP, Intermec, Rego, Sedona or Star Micronics. When you contact us, ask us about this aspect and we will recommend the best options for you.

The mobile application works on smartphones and tablets. As a minimum specification, the mobile device should have at least 4 cores running at a frequency of at least 1.5 Ghz. We have already prepared for you a list of tested and recommended devices, so that it will be as easy as possible for you to choose the most suitable mobile device for you and your business.

HERMES is a cross-platform application that works on operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows.

We offer you flexible purchasing options so that you can choose the one that suits you best. You can choose both to purchase HERMES SFA licenses and to use the product as a SaaS service (subscription).

Yes, we have 100% national coverage. And if necessary, we travel to other countries to implement the application and / or to provide training and consulting.

In most cases, the implementation of the HERMES solution to increase the sales of distribution companies is as follows:

  1. Preliminary analysis . You will discuss with our consultant and tell him what you want to get from the application. Then we will do an analysis of your business together to understand which business circuits are specific to your business and how we can help you make things better.
  2. Establish and prepare the data needed to be imported into HERMES . In this step you will prepare data about stocks, prices, products and customers to be imported into the application.
  3. HERMES installation. The application will be installed on mobile devices, and HERMES BackOffice will be installed on your PC.
  4. Training for users . There will be a complete and detailed training for both the sales agents and the people who will work in HERMES BackOffice.
  5. Start pilot project. This step is useful for discovering and resolving any issues that arise with both agents when they actually start working in the application, and with supervisors using BackOffice.
  6. Feedback from you . You’ll be talking to our consultants again to give them feedback after a few days of use so that we can further tailor the application to your organization’s needs.
  7. Second training for agents and BackOffice . At this stage, other details that appeared during the pilot project are also being developed.
  8. The implementation is ready and the project is LIVE . From now on you can enjoy the benefits that the application brings you, and when you have questions you can contact us with confidence for help.

Thanks to the extensive know-how of the consulting team, the implementation of the solution for sales and distribution is done quickly. If you use the B-Org ERP or Neomanager application from us, the implementation time is significantly reduced. If unforeseen situations arise and if you provide our consultants with all the information they need for implementation, and then you organize yourself well with your training team, you will have the system up and running in about a month.

If you want to integrate HERMES with another ERP application, then the average implementation time can increase to about 2-3 months because it is necessary to achieve the integration of applications between them in order to transmit data without problems.

Thanks to the intuitive interface, the agents will start to know and use the application well from the first days of use. When we created the app, we took into account the standards of functionality and design developed by Google for Android and Apple for iOS. Adherence to these standards gives the certainty that users of the HERMES SFA solution will have a pleasant experience in using the application. Moreover, your people will be able to easily learn how to use it to sell more and better so that they can reach and exceed their sales targets.

It depends on the case and it is best to contact us to discuss with one of our consultants so that you receive the best recommendation for the level of activity you have. However, to give you an idea, the HERMES modules for automating sales force activity are: Pre-Sales, Van-Sales, Tele-Sales, Targets, GPS, Mixed Promotions, Derogations, BackOffice and Dashboard & Analytics.

HERMES SFA is natively integrated with our applications: B-Org ERP or Neomanager management system, both solutions being adapted to the special needs of a distribution business. However, we have many customers who enjoy the benefits that HERMES offers through the successful integration of our application with other international ERPs such as: SAP, Scala, CSB, MFG / Pro, KAS, EFAS, SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Microsoft Axapta, BusinessNavigator, OTC, Prometheus / SND, Presenta etc. We also have integrations with some of the local ERPs such as Charisma.

The HERMES SFA support and implementation team consists of experienced consultants who have dozens of implementations and trainings dedicated to distribution companies in the country and abroad. As you have already seen, our consultants have expertise in multiple industries, so you can contact us with confidence. In addition, according to the annual customer satisfaction questionnaire, 94% of them are satisfied with our services, which shows the professionalism of the team that will take care of you. We are not perfect, but we strive to increase this percentage every year in order to have as many satisfied customers as possible.

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