Agro Invest-Prod companies group from Bistrita, the most important player within the meat industry in the region and owner of the sausage brand “De la Jupanu“, has implemented the business management software solution provided by Transart.

Sauseges "De la JupanauThe acquired solution includes:

  • B-ORG ERP for inventory management, production, traceability, payroll and integration processes
  • HERMES Evolution, Romania’s top leading SFA application for automating sale agents activities
  • BI Adviser – the Business Intelligence component, tightly integrated with ERP, which facilitates both the business analysis and the monitoring of the essential business indicators (KPI) based on thematic dashboards.

The decision to purchase Transart solution was made due to the development and diversification of Agro Invest Group’s activities, the high competition in this market segment as well as the increasing level of dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the support activities provided for the application previously used.

In making the decision to purchase the ERP solution provided by Transart we took into consideration the functionalities provided by their solution in terms of administration management, the flexibility offered in the negotiation area – particularly the ability to plan the acquisition costs over a longer period of time – and the confidence in the ability of Transart to deliver the desired solution, along with the related technical support both directly and through the local partners – PIM Corporation. ” said Mrs. Oana MARE, CFO Combis SA / Agro-Invest Prod SRL Bistrita

Benefits offered by the B-ORG ERP

  • intelligence real-time reports on core-business: profitability, inventory, lots, expiration dates;
  • reducing documents preparation time: notices, receipts, production reports, documents, inventory, etc.
  • tighter control of raw materials inventories and production results – related to the fact that employees feel they can be controlled more closely and therefore they work more efficiently, correctly and responsibly;
  • ensure the traceability of the supply-production-delivery flow;
  • getting real time information about production costs, thus facilitating the sale pricing to ensure profitability at product level; (Note: due to the fact that the raw material price changes frequently, prior to B-ORG ERP solution implementation, there were situations when a product was sold at a price which didn’t cover the real cost of production; )
  • optimizing the raw material supply process by anticipating the needs based on the orders registered within the system;

During the implementation process, we’ve appreciated Transart’s response promptness. There were quite a lot of particular features to be solved and aspects that required a customized approach. It was not an easy implementation. It was hard work that required a lot of important effort both from us and from Transart. They have assimilated and processed a lot of information and did a lot of hard work for us … in short, we felt that we were an important client for them!” also said Mrs. Oana Mare.

Benefits offered by the HERMES Evolution (SFA)

  • shortening the delivery time for our customers by 50%;
  • taking orders with a certain type of packaging units – like casserole – and automatic conversion of the billed amount, in kilograms;
  • eliminate errors in taking orders in the field;
  • improved control of sales agents’ activities in the field and a better motivation for them.

First of all I liked the stocks management solution, as it is provided by the Transart ERP. The fact that we know precisely what material stocks we have at any given time, allows us to perform various kind of analysis, anytime. If I had to summarize, the most important benefits obtained, were: real-time access to any information that we need, thus reducing the time for solving problems. ” concluded Mrs. Oana Mare.

About the Agro Invest Group

The Agro-Invest Prod group of companies, Combis, Hotel Coroana de Aur, Coroana Tourism Company, is composed of a mixed slaughterhouse for cattle, sheep, pigs, a meat processing plant, a chain of specialized stores with its own distribution and three hotels. Combis has today one of the most modern meat processing plants in the country, built up to European standards with a capacity of 14t/zi. Combis currently has over 100 employees of which 75% in production areas, 25% within trade areas. For our clients on the local and regional levels the type of distribution is presales, by using specialized agents for sales activities and others for distribution activities. Selling the products is done also through its own chain of stores, blending perfectly the hospitality of the nearby shops with the diversity of the supermarket products assortments. The products are delivered fresh, classically packaged in vacuum or using controlled atmosphere. Products are marketed under two brands “De la Jupanu” and “Bistricior”. Medium and long term plans aimed at transforming from a regional provider to a national supplier.