Elit Cugir, a major meat industry manufacturer, sausage and meat products distributor has improved sales and distribution activity by using HERMES Evolution – a leader on the Romanian Sales Force Automation market. By automating the presale activity of more than 90 sales representatives all over the country, Elit Cugir gains accuracy and a better connection to the market, thus ensuring an organically growth of the business.

Hermes Evolution is a strong and important tool which support us in achieving our goals and carrying out our everyday activities. For Elit Cugir Hermes implementation meant an important step in developing the distribution division. Ideologically, we are talking about a new page written in the company’s history; basically it meant a radical change in the workflow, distribution policy … and even of company’s image.” stated Ms. Carmen Trif, Deputy General Manager for Elit Cugir.

Some of the most obvious benefits achieved by Elit Cugir as a result of using HERMES system include:

  • complete (100%) elimination of retrieving and transmitting order errors to the headquarters by the field agents
  • shortening with more than 50 % the delivery time of goods to the customer
  • complete control over the field agents’ activity and a better motivation for them.
  • faster money recovery (cash collection) from the market by engaging locking mechanisms when the registration of new orders for the customers who have unpaid invoices and don’t fit into the criteria established in the credit control system.
  • faster and more accurate communication with the whole sales field force through the HERMES system.

The most important gain is production’s efficiency in real time according to the received orders during the day through speed of information’s transmission in the field. Some products have a very short production cycle and is important to know exactly the assortments and quantities we need to produce every day according to market’s real necessities. Before HERMES implementation, when we didn’t have in real time the consolidate information about registered orders in the field, it often happened to produce less amount of a product which would have sold better.” has also stated Ms. Carmen Trif Deputy General Manager Elit Cugir.

The company began system’s gradual migration to new mobile terminal categories – Android based tablets and smartphones, and extension with new business features of the implemented system. More specifically, the company wants to integrate Targets and Merchandising and Marketing modules, for integrating into HERMES system individual Sales objectives for Sales Reps and, respectively, for data collection form the market using trade-marketing questionnaires on mobile terminals.

About Elit

Elit Cugir, 100% Romanian company ranks first nationally in the production and sale of meat products on traditional trade (TT channel). Providing a wide range of meat-based products always adapted to market’s demands and customers’ needs, company has a disposal of two factories, one abattoir and two farms. The distribution network includes regional warehouses in Cugir, Alba-Iulia, Bacau, Cluj, Craiova, Oradea, Constanta, Timisoara towns and more than 450 refrigerated vans which make possible the presence of Elit’s meat-products all over the country in the shortest time.