Between 12 to 14 March 2014, more than 350 retailers and suppliers met in the Progresiv Conference held in Sinaia and called – “Rethink Retail”. The 14th edition of the Progresiv Conference brought on stage a number of big names in the retail and consumer goods industry, as well as leading local and international researchers.

Transart – represented by Mr. Horia Nes, Business Development Manager – attended the conference and delivered a speech at the seminar on technological innovations. Under the theme – “Sharing data, sharing success” Horia Nes talked about how innovative software projects come to support FMCG companies – both producers and distributors – through projects that provide leverage to increase sales and control business:

 Projects addressing Distributors – Solutions for Sales Force Automation (SFA), Warehouse Management (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) type solutions

Projects addressing Producers – Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions, Sales Force Automation and Merchandising (SFA)

Projects addressing both Producers & Distributors, enabling the sharing of transactional data to increase sales, active sales and planning and joint business execution.

 Horia Nes was accompanied by our partners: Catalin Vasile, Regional Senior Technical Architect CEE, Motorola Solutions Romania, a technology partner of Transart, and Mr. Ovidiu Craciun, Administrator, GERAICO PRODCOM, as a Transart client.

In his speech entitled “GERAICO Prodcom – Transart: 8 years of fruitful cooperation” Mr. Ovidiu Crăciun from GERAICO PRODCOM spoke about his experience in working with the brewers he represents through the Transart systems and about the benefits obtained from implementing the SFA HERMES and B-ORG ERP solutions.

In his presentation “Using Enterprise Technology in Retail & FMCG” Mr. Catalin Vasile, Motorola Solutions Romania, spoke about the technological innovations offered by Motorola and their partnership with Transart, namely our WMS and SFA type solutions that successfully operate on the latest Motorola technologies and devices.