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Software that covers the informational and operational needs of businesses in the field of trading, import/export and distribution which carries the work in one or more operating sites. It targets businesses of any kind, fast implementation and initial procurement cost reduction. The program covers the requirements of invoice management, inventory, services, manufacturing, accounting software, payroll and a solution for fixed assets. 

Developed as an integrated system, Neomanager facilitates the unitary recording of the main operations, of the documents received or issued by the company. In addition, through a flexible and easily customizable reports system, managers have real-time access to that information that allows them to control and optimize core business operations.

          Neomanager represents:

  • A professional system that helps with the management of inventory, with multiple optimizations and automations in the supply, sales, billing, deliveries and also treats multiple stocks from different locations(like stores or warehouses) as one inventory.;
  • Updated legislative program, flexible to any field of activity, for SMEs of any kind;
  • Accounting software that is incorporated in Neomanager, permits the registration of all the financial transactions, their synthesizing, processing and their reports;
  • The most performant core of inventory stocks management that takes into consideration the quantity and value of stocks with the help of a professional application.;
  • Own Retail/POS component for store sales and/or an interface with specialized retail software applications;
  • Facilitates the integration of revenues from specific channels: sales agents/ distribution companies or integration of an online shop (e-Shop) for the e-commerce field;
  • Professional invoicing program with multiple circuits that permit automated invoice generation based on orders taken by agents or coming from e-Shop, from the receipt etc… and also multiple listing for shortening the preparation and delivery time for documents;
  • Stable and flexible schedule which ensures accuracy, consistency, operation speed and a wide spectrum of reports;
  • Allows the use of bar codes, online weighing (scales) integration, providing specialized component for optimizing the use of mobile terminals for freight receptions and at the inventory management level;
  • Fundamental component for a stable and integrated informatics system that together with SFA Hermes application covers the specific needs of a distribution business that uses field agents.


program gestiune stocuri neomanager


Although Neomanager system shares the same functional core as B-Org ERP, from a commercial perspective, Neomanager is useful for businesses of any kind especially because of its fast implementation and small acquisition price for a limited number of workstations. B-org ERP provides a full-options solution which focuses on maximizing scalability and performance, with the help of an integrated and powerful SQL engine and package implementation services that are „tailored” for the specific and more complex needs of a business from the import/export, trading and distribution field of activity.

Neomanager is optimized in terms of cost and implementation services in accordance with the complexity of internal processes and with the volume of daily transactions of the modeled business.
Neomanager is also a complete, simple and powerful solution, personalized for the various needs of accounting cabinets and certified accountants. Contact us for more details.

Key benefits

  • It provides stability, consistency and reliability in terms of recording and storing data;
  • It provides flexibility and support in designing and implementing internal processes (information flows) within the company (suppliers, purchasing, inventory, products, sales, lots, sets, services, customers while this information is reflected in accounting);
  • It improves employee efficiency by reducing the time needed for drawing or generating commercial, accounting, or other operational documents (eg. inventory document, packing list, etc.)
  • It provides managers with real-time vital information that allows them to monitor and control business activities (ie real-time inventory, sales, accounts receivable, other specific business situations and reports);
  • It significantly reduces the work of employees in all departments when it comes to activities such as purchasing, sales, accounting, billing, etc.;
  • It provides the comfort of proven solutions as the application is installed and used by a large number of companies engaged in a business similar to yours;
  • It allows access to professional consulting services, implementation, technical assistance and support with nationwide availability;
  • It eliminates the stress of updates and of the necessary quick adaptation to changes in Romanian legislation;
  • It ensures controlled access to sensitive data for all employees;
  • Its prices are adapted to the local market, depending on the size of the business;
  • It ensures a short implementation time, depending on the complexity of the business processes and on the personnel’ s know how and involvement;
  • It minimizes the initial investment in IT infrastructure – collateral costs;
  • It has 12 month warranty and post-warranty services under a contract of service.

Who uses it?

  • IT, computers, services

    it/hardware-computere-accesorii - soft gestiune neomanager

  • FMCG Trade & Distribution

    distributie fmcg cu soft gestiune neomanager

  • Technical materials

    materiale constructii tehnice vopseluri - program gestiune stocuri - neomanager

  • Professional tools

    scule utilaje - program gestiune stocuri - clienti neomanager

  • Esbal Rulmenti


    KARSAY Gabor, Administrator - ESBAL Rulmenti SRL
    “We chose Neomanager for several reasons. First we were dissatisfied with the old application because of its instability – often we were forced to call the supplier for repairs/ re-indexing. Secondly, we wanted to improve internal control over the flow of orders from our operational sites (stores) to the warehouse and to simplify the procedure of receiving the goods based on internal orders – matters that are more optimal solved with Neomanager. Last but not least, the recommendation received from one of our suppliers that use successfully Transart’s ERP mattered in taking this decision.”

  • Romsafe Trade


    Sebastian Strete - Commercial Director, Romsafe Trade - Arad

    “We took the decision to become a Transart client because we wanted to obtain more accurate information about stocks rotation and about the company’s financial processes, but also because I worked very well for years with this application at another company. Besides solving these issues, after the implementation we managed to improve our activity and even to increase the efficiency of employees from the trade, logistics and financial areas, namely the people that deal with supply, stocks, prices, invoicing, delivery, debt collection or period report to state. We now have a more accurate picture of the business, details about employees’ activity and greater control over growth vectors that support business development.”

  • Gospodarul Istet


    Nicolae Vasii – Administrator - Gospodarul Istet

    „Before becoming a Transart client we had difficulties in developing our business because the informations about stocks were approximated or partial and the supply process was based more on intuition, we had delays in finalizing our orders and not a good control over our cash collection. The decision to implement Neomanager, an inventory stock program, was taken after the presentation, after seeing the variety of reports that can help us take control over important aspects of our business. Among the most important benefits gained after the implementation we can mention: fast access to accurate and detailed information about sales, inventory, orders, supply and the reduction of the time necessary for the generation of commercial documents – invoices, notices, purchase orders, accounting reports etc.”

  • Alcar Wheelbase

    Lucia Niculae, Executive Director at ALCAR WHEELBASE ROMANIA

    “We have worked with Transart ever since Wheelbase was founded. Neomanager was the first management and accounting application that we used. Ever since the beginning we have focused on our distribution activity and I can say that we are very happy with the functionalities that Neomanager offers. Among the strengths of the application that we find very useful, I would like to mention the circuits and functions offered on the area of stock – purchase – sale and especially the reports that provide all the information we need to conduct our business.
    One of the first benefits that I noticed pretty quickly after retailers began working directly in B2B e-commerce portal has been the reduced occupancy by 80-90% in call center; before that a lot of time was consumed to make dozens of offers every day. Now this is much simplified, the consultation of catalogs is on-line and orders made by them go straight into Neomanager. Basically we have gained a lot, both in terms of image in the market and in terms of an improved relationship with our main supplier and with dealers in the country. Last but not least we negotiated with suppliers (Transart and Entelion) a special offer for our dealers who want to create their own online shops, e-shops connected with our B2B portal (http://dealeri.alcar- but with the specific functionalities of an e-shop (e-commerce B2C) that directly address the end user.”

Typical usage

  • Commercial management software

    software gestiune comerciala

  • Distribution business, field sales agents

    program gestiune distributie agenti vanzari

  • Accounting, payroll, fixed assets software

    soft contabilitate, salarizare, mijloace fixe

  • Store management: retail & e-Shop

    Soft gestiune magazin: retail si e-shop

  • Warehouse management: bar codes, scales

    Program de gestiune cod bare depozit si magazine

  • Visual Management Tools

    Instrumente vizuale QlikView pentru management

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