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Identifies those information systems dedicated to the improvement of logistics, delivery and storage processes, by the automation of the warehouse related processes: acceptance of products, their storage and inventory or preparation for delivery and draw up of necessary documents. The automations are facilitated both by the integration of some specialized hardware equipment – printers with barcodes, mobile PDA with barcode readers, fixed or mobile barcode readers, as well as by the optimization of circuits and pointing out specific documents that will be introduced, generated automatically, highlighted or analysed.

Transart proposal in the WMS area comes as a natural response to the needs of its clients, following the experimentation of several variants and solutions in collaboration with various partners.  Capitalizing the experience achieved in the mobile applications development and in the integration of identification technologies based on barcodes, Transart suggests Warehouse Manager an application natively integrated with own ERP systems: B-Org and Neomanager

“Designed as an extension fully integrated with the ERP Transart systems, the WMS software – Warehouse Manager system comes to add gradually functionalities that can generate significant improvements of the warehouse activity. We mainly target the companies that activate in the manufacture and distribution of technical materials, but also the distributors from FMCG. The principles according to which we will guide ourselves in the product development are the following: simplicity, efficiency, autonomy, control and mobility in the warehouse.” Declared Septimiu BLAGU, Product Manager– Warehouse Manager.

It is good to know that the implementation of a WMS application requires collateral investments in specialized hardware equipment and sometimes much more work than previously, made by the warehouse operators. In other words, we recommend you to assess with our advisors if your actual needs justify the investment, the costs and the extra work. WMS software is not necessarily the right solution for the companies with an organizational structure and well established work procedures.
In order to make a first assessment related to the opportunity to implement a WMS we suggest you should go through the following questions:

  • The employees from the warehouse encounter real problems in the accurate identification of some products that look similarly?
  • Do you already have significant losses and/or the frequency of the claims has increased, caused by the delivery of other products than those ordered?
  • Do you encounter problems related to the accuracy of stocks due to the frequent errors in the orders delivery?
  • The products you manage have an expiry date and it is important to have an accurate image upon the inputs, stocks and outputs on batches?
  • Traceability on the supply-outlet flow is an essential requirement in your field of activity?
  • Integration in the information system of the automatic weighing process, before delivery
  • Do you want data in real time related to the activity, stocks and documents in the warehouse?

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WMS Transart-Warehouse Manager depozit

  • Improves the identification accuracy of products, using barcodes, removes manual identification errors, thus generating accuracy in stocks;
  • Provides mobility and guidance of operators both in the acceptance and delivery of products;
  • Grows productivity of the warehouse workers automating the data collection;
  • Removes problems generated by the confusion of products and deliveries inconsistent with the clients orders;
  • Shortens the acceptance time of the products and to issue the document related to the recording of the operation in ERP;
  • Fast inventory of products without activity cessation;
  • Streamlines deliveries – by guided picking operations, integration of multiple measurement units and automatic issue of invoices and documents related to deliveries;
  • Helps quick check of the price and presence in stock of a displayed product (for example in a showroom);
  • Increases visibility and control on the activity of the employees from the warehouse

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Who use WMS?

Clienti Warehouse Manager WMS

Functionalities Program Administration Stocks – WMS

From operational point of view, the Warehouse Manager application offered by Transart provides the following administration functionalities:

  • Deliveries: scanning with terminal of outputs based on confirmed pro forma invoice (client order); invoice and/or bill with the products collected from the terminal;
  • General/product inventory: terminal scanning of inventories – in ERP is decided the opening of an inventory, the inventory document is sent on the mobile terminal where the factual counting is made and then it is exploited in ERP automatically generating inventory pluses/minuses;
  • Check of stocks and prices: terminal scanning of products to check the stock, price, storage location – complementary operation for the independent interrogation of stock.
  • Traceability of products on batch series, expiry terms
  • Automatic generation of delivery documents/invoices according to the products delivered

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