Recruiting and selection procedure

1.       Ad posting

In the ad we post you will find any necessary information about the main criteria that would be the foundation of the choice we would make for the described job. If your experience/education/interest/passions/attitude respond to our job requirements, you should send your resume.

2.       Resume receiving

As you already know, in a job search process you should send different resumes for different job positions, emphasizing those aspects of your experience/education/interest/passions/attitude that are more close to the profile described in the job add. The more your competencies resemble our requirements, the more chances for you to be invited to an interview.

3.       Screening CV

In choosing the right resume for inviting in an interview the recruiter makes his choice using the criteria previously specified in an ad. If your resume responds satisfactory to job requirements , your name would get on the list of those to be invited to an interview.

4.       Interview scheduling

If your resume gets selected, you will be contacted by a human resources professional who will invite you to an interview on a mutually agreed date and hour.

5.       Preliminary interviewing

At the preliminary interviewing phase, on behalf of Transart, would attend the human resources professional and the manager of the team where the job is available. The interview would last nearly an hour. The questions will verify your professional skills and the information you’ve presented in your resume on one hand and on the other hand your relational and communication skills will be assessed. It’s also your chance to find out as much as you want about the company, about the job, about the team. Don’t be afraid to ask anything you want. It’s best for you to gather information about a job before you become an employee.

In the end of the interview you will receive an immediate feedback on your interview performance and interview recommendations, if that’s the case. In preliminary interviewing phase we will compare your skills to the ones prescribed in our job profile. To decide if you can go further with the selection, another comparison is necessary – the comparison between your skills and the skills of other job candidates. The last comparison can be made only after the last scheduled interview takes place. That’s why, in most cases, you won’t get an immediate definitive answer. You will receive the answer about you going to the next phase of selection or not, in a period of a week to a month (the necessary amount of time depends on the number of preliminary interviews scheduled, on the complexity of the job etc).

For some of the job selections we might use as a selection procedure an assessment center which implies the evaluation of more candidates at once, using different tests, questionnaires, case studies, play-roles or professional tasks that require team-work. Those who are selected to be participating in an assessment center will be given more concrete details via mail.

Every person who will participate in a preliminary interview or in an assessment center will get an answer about their continuation or interruption of participation in the selection process, through email. One will get an answer both if the answer is “Yes” or “No”.

6.       Additional testing (if that’s the case)

For some job positions additional testing is necessary. The tests may be psychological tests or knowledge tests. The testing phase may take place immediately after the preliminary interview if we decide that you should go further and if you have available time. If you don’t have the time, another test meeting would be scheduled.

Every person that participates to the testing will have the right to find out the results of the tests and will get them via mail. If one desires, can have a more detailed feedback in a previously scheduled face to face meeting.

7.       Final interview

In the final interview you will have the opportunity to meet someone in the top-management of Transart or the branch manager in the case of Transart branches and, again, the human resources professional. This is the point where an offer of employment is presented from the company and other details are discussed. The participants establish a date at which the job candidate will communicate his/her decision in relation to the offer he/she received.

8.       The first day of work

If your answer to the submitted offer is affirmative, you will get through the whole employment procedure with the aid of the human resources responsible. You’re supposed to gather an employment file consisting of different documents necessary to your employment, including medical notice confirming that your medical history allows you to do the job. When your file is complete you will be invited to read, analyze and sign the individual labor contract.

From this moment officially you become our colleague, we wish you “Welcome in Transart!” and you’ll start your first work day tough and relentlessly with…a nice cup of coffee or tea…:) with the one who is going to be your direct superior, or if he/she is not available, with the one who would be your mentor.

9.       Probation time

The probation time lasts up to 3 months and is our opportunity to verify the choice of hiring you, but is also your opportunity to appreciate if your decision to work with us is the right decision for you or not. Only at the end of the probation time, closed with a probation assessment we will know more one about each other, sufficient to decide our future together.


If there’s no available job position, but you still want us to know that you’re interested in us, send us your resume at, specifying the job position you would be interested in. If you are really eager to work with us, visit our job adds webpage periodically and then send us your resume and carefully emphasize the competencies relevant to the job criteria mentioned in the job ad.