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A product from the category Business Intelligence (BI), BI Adviser is a vital instrument for the management of a company that uses an ERP application provided by Transart.

BI QlikView Romania - BI Adviser pe laptop“The Bi software solution  that we propose to the customers who are using B-org or Neomanager was  chosen after a detailed analys of existing alternatives and after implementation of some pilot projects at several of our clients. Positive feedback, reduced implementation times, exceptional features offered by QlikView and, not least, an excellent price vs. benefits provided to the end user, have led us to opt for this option.
Marius IURIANManaging Partner Transart.
As a „dashboard & analyzer” tool, developed on QlikView platform, BI Adviser visually presents the company’s essential information about commercial and financial operations. By grouping  key performance indicators (KPI) in thematic control panels or dashboards, BI Adviser allows monitoring the business activity (sales, stocks, cash-flow, returns, payments), conducting analysis and identifying trends which can affect the profitable run of the business.

Who use?

  • Producers-Distribuitors

    clienti BI Adviser Transart

  • Wooden Technic Prodimpex

    Dl Deak Ferenc – General Manager, Wooden Technic Prodimpex

    “We use the BI solution offered by Transart on a QlikView platform for about a year. I use it daily and I cand say it has become a habit. Over 60% of the decissions that I took during this period are based on an information that I learned about or searched it using BI Adviser. If previously we waited for some summary reports even a few days, now many of these are available almost instantly. Overall, I cand say that the time for accessing key information regarding the business I run has reduced by over 50% and the graphical presentation is more attractive and more useful … We work with stocks of goods worth over 1 million euros, and regarding stock optimization, BI Adviser has helped us the most. I would estimate that the investment in the application of BI was recovered only by eliminating underperforming stocks and by increasing the stock rotation speed of products with higher financial output/turnover. The input brought by BI on cashflow - identification and recovery of investments in the market - and on sales planning/stimulation is also fairly consistent.”

BI Adviser  = a „google” for your business


Essentially such a tool helps you acquire a much clearer vision of the internal operations of your business. More specifically:

  • BI Adviser rapidly highlights the exceptions, positive or negative, which enables you to make fast decisions to exploit an opportunity that occurred or to rapidly correct an error detected;
  • It helps you understand better the relationship with your most important clients;
  • It helps you optimize your product portfolio, depending on the turnover rate and average days to sell the inventory KPIs;
  • It helps you negotiate with the providers – using solid arguments, to set discounts and terms of payment! (You have available What-If scenarios which show you instantly the impact of modifying the acquisition price with x% of the company’s income, and also grids with payment habits of their clients);
  • It helps you to quickly identify your “driver” products and new trends that are beginning to appear on the market;
  • You will control much better the activities in the company, because you have access almost instantly, to detailed reports regarding all internal business operations;
  • In a much shorter time than you first estimated, you will get a much more accurate image on your business and you will see that the decisions you make will be more numerous and with a significant impact on cash flow and on the company’s income;
  • In less than a year, your investment in this tool will return tenfold: partly directly into the company’s accounts as new income or savings and … partly as a result of an increased efficiency of the persons who, by using the tool, acquire a better and deeper understanding of the essential elements which impacts the company’s profit.

 Why a BI solution powered by QlikView

An IDC study that analised the impact of a BI solution, highlighted the followings:

BI QlikView
  • 96% of the customers are satisfied with QlikView
  • access to business information and analysis is reduced by 50%; 
  • 44% of those who develop a custom BI project based on QlikView start using  a „first pilot” in the first 30 days, while 75% of the same sample start using it within 3 months; 
  • It ensures a ROI (return on investment) of 186%  over a period of 6,5 months after implementation; 
  • 23% increase on cash flow; 
  • 16% income growth; 
  • 34% increase in employees productivity; 
  • 20% decrease in operational costs; 
  • Easily consolidates multiple data sources; 
  • Enables searches and associative analysis in real time.

Combining the features of QlikView with a data connector that ensures fast data retrieval from Transart ERP systems, BI Adviser facilitates:

  • analysis on business data,
  • identification and isolation of the causes that generated alerts on the set of monitored KPI,
  • fundamenting business decisions.

Following the success on the market in 2010, but especially due to the high adoption of this BI platform across all types of organizations, QlikView entered the „leaders quadrant” in specialized studies – „Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms”, published at the end of January 2011.  In the same study, QlikView is the only BI platform which obtains a percentage greater than 75% – when customers nominate the main selection criterion: „ease of use”.

The BI solution which we propose to Transart ERP’s customers was chosen after a detailed analysis of the alternatives and after implementing several pilot projects. The positive feedback, short implementation time, exceptional features offered by QlikView, but especially the excellent price vs. benefits report offered to the end user, determined us to choose this option.” – said Mr. Marius IURIAN – Managing Partner Transart.

Using a set of key performance indicators (KPI) and a flexible analysis model, based on the data model from ERP Transart systems, BI Adviser propose to Transart clients a Business Intelligence solution with a short implementation cycle at a competitive price.

According to the Gartner classification of QlikView in the „Data Discovery” category of Business Intelligence tools, BI Adviser offers to Transart customers new ways of fast exploration of the „internal cuisine” of the business:

  • real time analysis and drill-down on internal data of the business processes;
  • instant „business” answers delivery to the questions managers ask themselves;
  • fast access to forecasts, trends and „what-if analysis”.

 ”In short, the use of such a tool I would summarize it this way: «You have in handy information that, with intelligence and imagination, allows you to run your own business … not to let the business run you.»”, said Mr. Cîmpean Gavril, General Manager – Transcarpatica SA.

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