The Customer Relationship Management concept is a technology with strength and capacity to revolutionize a business through the information “collected” from the client.
Therefore, the CRM does not focus only on the relationship with clients, but also channels its attention to clients, as clients are determinant in the entire process of a CRM.
This is not just simple software, but more of a concept that connects strong strategies, communication and integration methods in various procedures, persons, cults and places clients on the first place.

In a “market oriented” business, the market is represented by the client, its profile and interests and to found a good collaboration and a lasting relationship with clients, their analysis from a totalitarian perspective is extremely important.

The main goal of a CRM is to collect information about a business’s clients in order to valorize them subsequently and to generate new opportunities for clients and for the business at the same time. Besides this aspect, the CRM covers and provides support in activities related to marketing, sales, clients management, sales analyses, forecast analyses.

CRM is oriented towards four main different directions::

  • keeping existent clients
  • consolidation of the relations with important clients
  • building consumer loyalty on a long period with clients with close relations with the activity
  • turning current clients into clients with persuasion by personal recommendation, to other clients

A business must invest in strategies, communication and organization, before investing in technology and the advantages of a CRM.

CRM is intended both to clients who want rapid results like ROI (Return on investment) and to those who want to get long-term results, like LV (Lifetime Value).

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