Productivity of sales agents grows significantly with HERMES SFA

Any company whose activity is carried out in the trade or distribution field becomes more efficient when it uses a soft that facilitates coordination and control of the sales agents activity.
Unlike the classical work environment, this environment is more difficult to control, and the productivity of the work force is more difficult to anticipate.

The activity of sales agents also involves the application of discounts and promotions, activity reports and other administrative responsibilities.
In their absence, the sales agents can have a more efficient activity focused on results and on portfolio enrichment.

Automation of administrative tasks – a successful plan

HERMES SFA from Transart is a software solution that comes to implement rules and administrative operations to streamline the entire activity of a sales agent. More and more agents use mobile sales terminals because they enable attraction of competitive benefits in the distribution sad sale process.
At the same time, this is a solution meant to improve the activity planning and to provide control power of the sales department.


The Transart sales agent software has the following features:

  • Automates the activity of the field agents
  • Eliminates agents’ manual operations for the issue of invoices, receipts, activity reports
  • Offers a unitary management system
  • Offers extensive support in the promotion and sales activities
  • Offers operational support
  • Offers the chance to motivate sales agents by highlighting targets and basis objectives
  • Offers the supervisors the possibility to evaluate the team in real time
  • Applies trade-marketing questionnaires for the detection of information relevant to the company


How it operates?

  • Offers the sales agent updated information in real time
  • Allows the sales agent to view the daily route
  • Offers information about the products available with images or products that will become unavailable
  • Information about the available stock, updated price, discounts, promotions or pending transactions
  • Allows the sales agent to make orders, receipts or stocks
  • Offers the possibility of orders automation based on the clients history


This information system brings integration and stability to any company that activates in the trade or distribution area, but also in other fields in which a great part of employees are sales agents.

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