In the period 13-15 March 2014 we attended the 3rd edition of the SME Forum 2014, a B2B event organized by Romexpo and addressing SMEs. Along with other member companies of the Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry – ARIES, Transart delivered a presentation, entitled “How to Assure Control of a Trade and Distribution Business” within the panel “Solutions for SMEs” on March 15.

Starting from the two rules that summarize the essence of a trading and distribution business (the rule of the 3Ms = MMM and the rule the 5Rs – “Right”) the Transart representative, Mr. Mircea Cioata presented a few ideas about how the ERP, SFA, BI and WMS technologies can be used to control the basic processes of a trade and distribution business.

 A market maker and leader in Romania in providing mobile solutions in sales force automation (SFA) – for agents carrying out field activities – Transart is currently the leading supplier of complete business software solutions for companies that conduct trade and distribution activities, with over 12,000 implemented licenses.

 Transart is a technology company that develops its own business and mobile applications – reliable and ergonomic software applications. Transart values stability: the stability of the company, the stability of its clients’ business, the stability of the products they deliver. The information processed by the client using Transart applications are consistent both with the data entered into the system and with the operations performed on them.

 Customers choose us for:

 • our stable and reliable software – validated by a large number of users,

• our experienced team of consultants,

• our competitive prices and … perhaps most importantly,

• the ThinkClient! problem-solving oriented attitude of the people working in Transart